Karl (Charles) Jent/Ient

The history of the Ient (or Jent) family in England starts in the 1870s. We know that Karl Jent (pronounced Yent) arrived in London some time before 1879 from Bebenhausen, in southern Germany (near Stüttgart). His younger sister, Louise Jent came with him.

This short biography tries to focus on Karl himself. For more information on the Ient family, Karl's first wife, his second wife and the family he started in England, see the section Eras - England 1871 - 1905

Here is the earlierst known photo of Karl, aged about 25:

Karl Ient as a young man

Here is Karl at about 45 years with his son Charle Frederick Ient:

Karl Ient, later called Charles (1859-1919), is pictured in the centre. His son, Charles Frederick Ient (1883-1964), is on the left. We don't know who the other person is.

When was this photo taken? Well, Charles is dressed in the uniform of the Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry. He joined this regiment in 1900. As you will see, he has a medal and his rank is corporal; therefore, we think this was taken about 1902. Karl Ient would have been about 43.