Germany to 1900

The Ient family have lived in England since about 1879. Just before this time, Karl Gottlob (Gottleib) Ient came to England. He was born in Nüttingen, Germany (near Stüttgart), in 1859. The family have, so far, been traced back to Eberhard Jent (Karl's grandfather) of Hanweiler (also near Stüttgart) who was born on 5 September 1778. Eberhard was a vine grower. This is a summary of the information researched in Germany.

Karl Gottlob (Gottleib) Ient

Born in Bebenhausen, near Stuttgart, Germany, on 14 January 1859. Died in London in the autumn of 1919.

His father was Philipp Jent and his mother was Susanna Louise Labadie, the first wife of Philipp. There were 6 children of this first marriage but only 2 survived childhood: Karl and Louise. Susanna died in 1868 when Karl was 9 and Louise was 4. Karl and Louise came to England some time before 1879.

There were 6 children of the second marriage (see below). The first, a boy, died at 4 weeks. All the others (one male and 5 female) all survived into adulthood. To date we have no record of Philipp's death.

Karl's Parents: Philipp Jent & Susanna Louise Labadie

Karl's father was Philipp Jent, born 22 June 1820 in Winnenden, near Stuttgart, Germany. Philipp was one of 12 children of a vine grower, son of Eberhard Jent of Hanweiler.

Philipp is the son out of the second marriage – his mother was Catharina Magdalena Bihlmayer.

Philipp did not become a vine grower but entered into state service. He first worked as a forest guard and later as an assistant in a financial administration. He transferred several times in the Stuttgart area, moving home each time.

In 1854, Philipp married Susanna Louise Labadie, daughter of Johann Peter Labadie, a vine grower at Nordhausen. They had 6 children – 4 were born in Bebenhausen and the next 2 in Waldenbuch. Four died as babies – only Karl and Louise survived. Karl's mother, Susanna Louise Jent, died in April 1868 when Karl was 9 and Louise 4 years old.

Phillip Jent's Second Marriage: Sabina Karolina Kölle

A few months after Philipp's first wife died, Philipp re-married (October 1868) in Güglingen to Sabina Karolina Kölle, the daughter of Georg Frederich Kölle, a vine grower at Freudental.

In 1869, they had their first common son, Gustav, who died after only 4 weeks.

Family records from the USA (yet to be verified by research in Germany) show that Philipp & Sabina Karolina had a further 5 children:

Pauline (b.1871 in Germany, died 1957 in the USA)
Marie (born: 1873 in Germany died ???? in the USA)
Caroline (Lina ???) (b.1875 in Germany, died 1960 in the USA)
Anna Phillipina (b.1877 in Germany, died 1958 in the USA)
Matilda Frieda (b.1880 in Germany, died 1963 in the USA)

Karl's Grandparents: Eberhard Jent

Eberhard Jent was born in Hanweiler but from 1803 when he married his first wife, Jacobina, he lived in Winnenden. Jacobina was the daughter of vine grower Michael Köhler.

After the death of Jacobina, Eberhard married Catharina Magdalena (maiden name: Bihlmayer). Catharina's father, Johann Peter Bihlmayer, was also a vine grower.