George Ient

A man for all seasonsGeorge Richard Ient, Corps of Royal Signals, Army base at Nee Soon, Singapore c1960

George Richard Ient, Corps of Royal Signals, is pictured right at Nee Soon Army Base, Singapore c1960.

My brother George Richard Ient died on 13 March 2017. The furneral took place on 29 March 2017 at Portchester Crematorium, near his home in Portsmouth. In July, his remains were buried alongside our mum and dad at Aldershot crematorium. This page records something of his life, but firstly I would like to record our last journey together, this is what I wrote at the time:

In the summer of 2017 my brother George and I made our last journey together….. up to Aldershot crematorium from Portsmouth. I know this sounds a bit crazy since George’s funeral was in March but I had agreed that rather than have his ashes buried at the crematorium at Porchester, I would take them to Aldershot for them to be placed next to our mum and dad. This is his final resting place at Aldershot crematorium, just a few hundred yards from our post-war home at Gloucester Road, Aldershot.

George Ient is laid to rest

View from Crooksbury Hill

I spent many happy hours with George exploring the countryside, near our house in the early 1950s, when I was four or five years old, until George, at the age of 15, joined the Army Boys Service. So I thought it most appropriate that he and I go on one last journey through those beautiful Surrey Hills, including Crooksbury Hill, which was the first place he took me on these explorations.

A Brief History
George was born on 24 July 1937 at Louise Margeret Hospital in Aldershot, Hampshire. The family were living in army quarters in nearby Frimley Green. They lived at 'Sandys', Bedford Lane.

After Dad’s army posting to Hong Kong, Mum and brothers George, Tommy and John joined him there in 1938.

George (left) with Mum and John in 1942 – photo taken in Baguio, the Philippines

In July 1940, Mum and my brothers were evacuated to Australia, where they spent the rest of WWII. Finally, they returned to Britain in 1945, and following a brief spell staying with relations in South Wales and with Granny in Hounslow, Middlesex, George returned to Aldershot as an eight-year-old.

George at Nee Soon Barracks Singapore c1960: 

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