Ient/Jent Family Tree

From research, we have made up details of the family tree. In this tree you will be able to find the records of all the hundreds of family members we have researched.

For technical reasons it has not been possible to keep the database of family tree members operating directly from The whole Ient family tree is now available through the Genes Reunited web site:

It will be necessary for you to register and become at least a Standard Member (currently £1.67 per month, for 12 months) in order to see the tree. Once you have registered, please click on the Messages button and type in my name and send me a message. I can then confirm and allow you to view the whole tree! If you need any help, please contact me.

I hope you will add to the site by sending in more information, pictures and documents about the Ient family. My apologies if you find items here that you believe to be incorrect. Let me know and I will correct them. As our research continues, information will be added, so do come back to this site from time to time...

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