The Sinking of the Lisbon Maru
by Tony Banham

Hong Kong University Press

Available through various outlets. ISBN numbers:
ISBN 9789622097711
ISBN-10: 9622097715
ISBN-13: 978-9622097711

We Shall Suffer There: Hong Kong's Defenders Imprisoned, 1942-45
by Tony Banham

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press

ISBN-10: 9622099602
ISBN-13: 978-9622099609

Not the Slightest Chance: The Defence of Hong Kong, 1941
by Tony Banham

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press

ISBN-10: 9622097804
ISBN-13: 978-9622097803

The Hard Way: Surviving Shamshuipo POW Camp 1941-45
by Major Victor Stanley Ebbage and Andrew Robertshaw

Publisher: The History Press Ltd, first published in 2011

ISBN-10: 0752460641
ISBN-13: 978-0752460642

By Hellship to Hiroshima (was called Living with the Japanese)
by Terence Kelly

Kellan Press

ISBN: 9781844154036

Living with Japanese – also Kellan Press first published in 1997
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0953019306
ISBN-13: 978-0953019304

At the Going Down of the Sun
by Oliver Lindsay

WWII: 1941-45 Hong Kong and South East Asia

Publisher: Hamish Hamilton Ltd, London

ISBN 10: 0722155433
ISBN 13: 9780722155431
ISBN: 0-241-10542-0

The Lasting Honour : the fall of Hong Kong, 1941
Oliver Lindsay

History of the siege of Hong Kong in 1941.

ISBN: 024189946X
ISBN-10: 0722155425
ISBN-13: 978-0722155424

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