Fredrick & Florence Ient

Frederick Karl Jent (later spelt Ient) was the eldest son of Charles Ient (formerly known as Karl Gottlob Jent) and Franzista Margaretha Henrietta von Felton.

From a family photo taken in 1919

Fred in a 1940/50s family group photo

He was born on 3 Apr 1881 at 9 George Street, Battersea (in the registration district of Christchurch, St Saviour Southwark).

At this time we do not have his actual date of death but it was in the late 1940s or early 1950s. The web site will be up-date to give this information.

Florence – from a family photo taken in 1919

On 25 July 1907, when he was 26, he married Florence (Florrie) Jane Weekly at registry office, Wandsworth. His address at the time was 56 Wye Street; Battersea His occupation was pork butcher.

In 1909 their address was 90 York Road, London. In 1911 their address was address 533 York Road, Wandsworth.

He served in the Boer War & WW1 as a soldier. Some time after WWI he worked for Walls Sausages in Acton.

They had 2 children. Bernard Frederick Eugene Ient was born on 18 April 1909

But sadly he died in that same year - 2 September 1909. The cause of death was ‘Epidemic Enteritis Exhaustion.’

Their second child was Margaretha Flora Elena Ient who was born on 24 February 1911 and died when she was 88. She lived in Zimbabwe for many years where she was a nurse. She died there in January 1999. She had travelled to the USA and lived in Canada for a while. She married twice but had no children.

This is Margaretha as a bridesmaid at Pauline Ient’s marriage in 1919

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