Diana Barker

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Diana Barker

Diana was born on 8 March 1931. Her parents were Pauline (nee Ient) & Charles Young.  Diana died on Thursday 15th March 2012 at about 4pm at Agape House, King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, 7 Point Finger Rd., Paget, Bermuda.

Diana was cremated and the memorial service was held at Astwood Park, South Shore, Warwick, Bermuda on Sunday April 1st 2012. The photos below are from the service. Diana’s ashes we scattered into Harrington Sound at Flatts, Bermuda on Sunday 20th May 2012.

Her first marriage was on 8 Sep 1950 to Horace Whitehead. They were married in St George’s, Bermuda. They had two children: Dennis & David.

Her second marriage was to John Barker of Hull, England. They were married on 3 July 1971.

Here is the link to Diana’s Obituary in the Bermudan Royal Gazette published on the 29th March 2012: Diana in The Royal Gazette

Below are some photos from the memorial ceremony…..

Additional photos (click the title):

Family Gathering

Photos of Diana


Memorial table




Jessie Moniz

Bikers gather for the memorial ride




Everyone arrives

David & Dennis



Dennis & Lisa

Karen, Karl, Dennis & Joy






Karen & the Biker Chief




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