Albert Ient's Fellow POWs

When my father died in 1988 I decided it was time I wrote something about the Ient family and genealogy. Like many other family historians this decision really comes too late. I should have asked my father a lot more questions before he died. That said, I’ve been able to gather quite a lot of information about my father’s history and in particular about his capture in Hong Kong and his life as a POW. Naturally, not having interviewed him in detail there were gaps in my research.

However, I have been very lucky to meet two of my father’s fellow POWs and through the publication of this web site to have had a number of people contact me with information about the experiences of their own relations during World War II.

This section of the website covers the stories of 3 people, -

Maynard Skinner, who served with my father in Hong Kong, and who was taken to Japan on the infamous Lisbon Maru,

Wilfred Batty, who was in the same POW camp as my father, and travelled home with him after the war

Terence Kelly, who published a book about life with the Japanese in the POW camp where my father was held captive along with Wilfred and other serviceman.

Philip ('Chick') Henderson, who I met by chance at a Far East POW meeting of the Java Club in August 2014 and found out he was in the same POW camp as my father. 

Harold Bates & Monty Truscott - The story, transcribed from a BBC interview, of two members of the Royal Corps of Signals - both of whom fought in the World War II Battle for Hong Kong in 1941 and who were POWs. They were both colleagues of my father.

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My thanks to those POWs who have allowed me to publish their stories and to Adrian Batty for allowing me to publish his father’s story.

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